Loan Tenure Calculator

At times everyone is in need of money they want to fulfill their requirements. Getting those funds is now as several banking and authorized lending organizations are out there. However, returning that debt can be risky if not appropriately planned with an effective loan term. Therefore, using a loan tenure calculator, you may evaluate the suitable loan tenure. 

The loan term is the duration of time you acquire a loan from a bank. The majority of creditors have higher time limits for repayment, which differ mostly based on the types of loans you’ve applied for. However, some do offer lower repayment time if you apply for an unsecured loan. In contrast, secured loans, which demand security, often have longer durations. Additionally, the interest rates and principal amount also impact the loan tenure. 

Here at, you can use the Loan Tenure Calculator to estimate the repayment term that is plausible for you.

How Different Elements of Your Loan Affect the Tenure?

Each loan is made up of a few components that work together to complete the loaning procedure. Those elements include the loan period, interest rate, principal sum, and monthly installments, or EMIs.

  • Loan Amount

The duration will be longer as the amount increases. It’s straightforward: if a person borrows ₹25,00,000 and another borrows ₹20,00,000 at the same interest rate and with the same ability to pay back ₹30,000 to ₹20,000 in monthly installments, the second person will take much more time to pay off their loans than the first. Therefore, refrain from taking out more debt than you need to or just because a bigger loan is available. 

The applicant or any potential borrower must first assess the amount of money required before making a request. Furthermore, ensure the lending proportion is within your reasonable limits. 

  • EMIs

It is said that the smaller the EMI, the larger the loan term. This might impact the perspective of any loan candidate to pay bigger EMIs to get rid of the debt as early as possible. However, that should not be the case. Only if you are capable of paying a big sum of money, then is it applicable. Financial experts further advise that your EMI should be at most 50% of your monthly salary. From the example mentioned above, the second person will be paying more EMI for longer as they don’t have enough resources to manage the finances. Therefore, consider changing your profession or earning source to get more. 

  • Interest Rates

Interest rates don’t directly affect how long the loan lasts; they could increase the amount you must repay, which would lengthen the loan’s repayment period. For example, if you are getting a personal loan from two different banks at different interest rates of 9% and 11%. Then the repayment of the latter term will be longer as the interest levied will increase the total loan amount. Financial advisors and experts recommend doing complete market research and maintaining a solid credit rating to get a loan with the best terms and conditions.

How does Loan Term Calculator work?

The loan term can be computed by entering the loan tenure calculator’s principal amount, interest rate, and monthly installment amounts. The loan duration can be calculated using the usual EMI calculation formula below.


E = P*r*(1+r)n/((1+r)n – 1)) Here:

  • The monthly payment you will make, or EMI, is indicated by the letter E.
  • P stands for the sum of money allocated to a borrower.
  • r stands for the appropriate interest rate, which is determined on a monthly basis. You can compute it annually as well.
  • The letter n denotes the loan term in months. If you decide on a 5-year period, n will be 60.

It’s important to understand that borrowing money from lenders has other costs in addition to interest rates. These include processing fees, service charges, and documentation fees. Typically, the processing fee is between 1% and 3% of the loan amount.

Advantages of Online Loan Tenure Calculator

The following are some significant additional benefits of using the loan tenure calculator in addition to its assistance with better financial and loan planning:

  • The tenure is estimated in a matter of seconds, with perfect accuracy.
  • It can be used to estimate how long it will take for you to pay off your debt.
  • Reduces the complexity of a formula that is used to calculate the loan duration for different EMI, principal, and rate combinations.
  • You may change the loan component values to determine a set of values that are preferable to you.