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Having your own property in India today is challenging but possible. Furthermore, with inflation skyrocketing in real estate, it is only possible for potential borrowers to have outside funding. With a home loan, you can take a leap to be close to your dream home. But the burden of EMI is intimidating and may lead you to a debt trap. Therefore, it must be a calculated and wise choice to avail of one, given the various interest rates, months, and years of EMIs.

However, using the user-friendly Home Loan EMI Calculator at freeemicalculator.in will quickly and accurately determine the exact amount you must repay with additional interest.

How Does a Home Loan EMI Calculator Benefit you?

Home Loan EMI calculator

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is a predetermined amount that every borrower has to pay back to the lender monthly. These payments go until the loan term is over. You can calculate the EMI’s with the formula given below manually. However, calculating EMI on your own can be a laborious procedure and potentially error-prone.

Then comes the house loan EMI calculator that will easily perform these challenging calculations. Henceforth, saving you the stress of having to do them by hand.

  • Calculating these complex home loan EMIs on your own can take time and effort. A home loan monthly EMI calculator can save potential home purchasers a lot of time.
  • It offers a precise estimate that is free of mistakes and falseness. Thus, you can plan your monthly budget around your EMI. 
  • The EMI is determined differently for each type of loan. The EMI calculations for personal loans and mortgages, for example, differ. Our EMI calculator can only be used to calculate home loans.
  • You can get complete results because the online calculator is free to use. Additionally, compare the EMIs for various loan amounts to find the one that best suits your financial situation.

What's the Formula of the Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Our Home Loan EMI Calculator uses a standard formula to get precise EMI results, which is –

E = [P x R x (1+R) ^N] / [(1+R) ^N-1]



Total EMI payable each month


The total tenure in months


The rate of interest payable every month


Determines the principal amount


Principal (A)

Interest (B)

Total (A + B)

Outstanding Balance


₹ 23,824

₹ 33,917

₹ 57,740

₹ 54,76,176


₹ 2,97,608

₹ 3,95,278

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 51,78,568


₹ 3,20,393

₹ 3,72,492

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 48,58,175


₹ 3,44,923

₹ 3,47,962

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 45,13,251


₹ 3,71,332

₹ 3,21,554

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 41,41,920


₹ 3,99,762

₹ 2,93,124

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 37,42,158


₹ 4,30,368

₹ 2,62,517

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 33,11,790


₹ 4,63,318

₹ 2,29,568

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 28,48,472


₹ 4,98,791

₹ 1,94,095

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 23,49,681


₹ 5,36,979

₹ 1,55,906

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 18,12,702


₹ 5,78,091

₹ 1,14,794

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 12,34,611


₹ 6,22,351

₹ 70,534

₹ 6,92,886

₹ 6,12,259


₹ 6,12,259

₹ 22,886

₹ 6,35,145

₹ 0

All lenders and financial institutions have different interest rates and principal amounts based on the loan period. Thus, EMIs vary due to such prospects. The principal amount is minor early in the term, while the interest component is significant. However, with the moving loan tenure, the principal amount increases and interest decreases.

What's the Formula of the Home Loan EMI Calculator?

On the website freeemicalculator.in, you may find several calculators that can help you with different loans and financial aid. One of them is a user-friendly home loan EMI calculator. 

Follow these simple steps to utilize the calculator:

  • First, substitute the loan amount, the loan tenure, the length it will be outstanding (in years or months), and the interest rate.
  • The exact EMI value will be calculated and displayed in a matter of seconds.
Benefits of Using Home Loan EMI Calculator

There are several advantages of using the loan EMI calculator from freeemicalculator.in. Those advantages are listed below.

  • It is easy to use — enter the necessary data, and the calculator will do the rest.
  • Additionally, you are all free to use it. The website doesn’t even require registration or any service fee. 
  • Since it’s free, then you can utilize it countless times. 

As a result, comparing the EMIs for different house loan amounts is now hassle-free with home loan EMI calculator. In the coming years, it is projected that the availing of home loans will rise more. Every prospective borrower’s first port of solution is this online house loan EMI calculator.