What Will Be The EMI For 1 Lakh

When we talk about the EMI of 1 Lakh, it is generally the amount that people acquire for a personal loan. Furthermore, most people take personal loans because they can come in handy during some of their most trying times. It is beneficial for folks who find themselves short on cash. Moreover, it is one of the most popular ways to obtain credit through a personal loan because it requires no collateral and can be authorized very quickly. Plus, using the Personal Loan EMI Calculator from freeemicalulator.in site, you can instantly compute the EMI for 1 Lakh rupee. 

Therefore, today we’ll discuss the EMI for the sum of Rs. 1 Lakh and what goes behind the process of getting the money by taking it as an example of a personal loan. Additionally, the entire process—from application to document submission to disbursement and repayment— is described below to give more details. 

Easy monthly payments, or EMIs, are an efficient way to pay off a loan. Five variables usually determine the EMI: the loan/principal amount, loan term, interest rate, income or business of the applicant, and the firm one is employed with. Furthermore, some factors impact the approval of a loan, including the borrower’s eligibility, monthly income, and ability to repay the loan. 

1 Lakh Rupee Personal Loan

1 Lakh Rupee Personal Loan

Applying for a loan nowadays is easier as you can apply online with various banks and financial institutions. They offer simple and comprehensive online services through websites and mobile applications. 

  • Check Eligibility: 

The first step in order to apply for a personal loan for every borrower is to determine whether they are eligible for a personal loan. After that, they’ll be able to apply for a maximum sum for a loan.

  • Complete KYC:

A borrower must submit their “know-your-customer” (KYC) details online by uploading the following necessary paperwork;

  • PAN and Aadhaar cards
  • Bank account details
  • Statements from the last six to twelve months
  • Address Proof
  • Attach or upload a photo of yourself when applying online.


  • E-mandate:

The next step for the borrower is to create an e-mandate. Consequently, the lenders will be able to take funds from their bank accounts in the form of EMIs automatically during the loan repayment term.

  • Disbursement:

After the approval of the loan application, the funds or the loan amount will be disbursed to the account specified by the borrower. Furthermore, the funds are allocated within 24 hours of the application’s submission. 

  • Processing Fee:

A small one-time fee will be levied on the borrower in order to process the loan application. So how much EMI is required for a loan of Rs. 1 lakh?

  • EMI or Equated Monthly Installments Calculation 

The eligibility of the loan is significantly dependent on the applicant or borrower’s CIBIL score. If the score is 750 or better, this means they have a stellar credit history and can get the best rate of interest for the lowest EMI.

For example, you get a personal loan of 1 Lakh rupees at the lowest interest rate of 7.39% for a tenure of 1 year. Then using the personal loan EMI calculator and the standard calculation formula E = [P x R x (1+R) ^N]/ [(1+R) ^ (N-1)], your monthly payment will be ₹8,671. 

  • Repayment:

Like the application, the repayment process is entirely online and straightforward.


Personal loans are one of the simplest ways to cover an unexpected expense in times of need. Additionally, you can obtain a loan with the lowest interest rate and monthly payment if you have a strong credit history. Furthermore, you may calculate the EMI for your loan using an online personal loan EMI calculator from here. You can also find several other loan-specific loan calculators, including Home Loan EMI Calculator, Car loan EMI Calculator, and more.

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