How to Use a Two-Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator

In comparison to a loan for a four-wheeler, applying for a loan for a two-wheeler or a bike is less expensive and more affordable. The apparent reason is that a motorbike is cheaper than a car. Furthermore, a two-wheeled vehicle is a prime choice for many. Therefore, if you apply for a two-wheeler loan, it is one that is inexpensive and has the least impact on your finances. To gain a general notion, it is preferable to calculate your EMI on your own to evaluate the complete value of your bike loan. 

An average salaried person can benefit from using a Two-Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator. By using this, you can plan better, manage your funds, and avoid any problems or debt traps.

Two-Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator is a free online tool that anyone can use easily. It can assist you in determining the monthly payment you will need to make to pay off the loan. To evaluate the EMI amount, you must enter the principal or loan sum, the interest rate applied, and the loan tenure or duration. After that, it will give you an idea of the amount that you have to pay monthly throughout the term.

How a Two-Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator Works?

Here is the comprehensive presentation of how to use the loan EMI Calculator for two-wheelers. Once you insert the following variables, the two-wheeler EMI loan calculator will calculate the repayment amount:

  • First, enter the amount borrowed by the borrower to purchase a bike or scooter.
  • Next, submit the interest rate that the lender charges on the principal amount.
  • Finally, input the loan term that shows how many months or years the loan must be repaid in full.
  • Consequently, you’ll get an amount you must pay each month when you click on calculate EMI.

Benefits of Using a Loan EMI Calculator

This section entails a complete rundown of all the advantages of using a loan EMI calculator or a two-wheeler loan. There are plenty of them; once you know what they are, you’ll be able to use the calculator more prominently. 

  • Using the calculator is straightforward. You have to select the appropriate variables, and your EMI for the selected loan amount and tenure will be displayed.
  • It shows quick results. As soon as you change or adjust a value, the calculator updates the value of the EMI to show new results.  
  • The online calculators are error-free, and the computations are precise. The EMI you see is accurate and provides you with a good sense of how much you will need to pay over the course of the loan.
  • It is portable and available at all times. The calculator can be used without creating an account. It is accessible everywhere and at any time.

Steps to Reduce your Two Wheeler loan EMI

No one wants to pay extra than the actual value. Therefore, the following are some tips to reduce the EMI for your two-wheeler:

  • Choose a longer loan payback time; your EMIs will automatically decrease if the loan repayment duration is longer.
  • Select a lender with a lower interest rate; it allows you to pay back your debt more quickly each month without any extra financial burden.
  • Make a larger down payment; if your budget allows, pay a larger down payment to lower the principal loan balance. This will significantly reduce the monthly payment value on your two-wheeler loan, making it a sum of smaller amounts.

What Will be the Charges if you Miss an EMI on Your Loan?

You might have to pay a late payment penalty fee if you don’t make your loan EMI payment on time. The late payment fee is based on the amount of the outstanding EMI. The following can happen if you miss paying your loan EMIs:

  • The late payment fee will affect your credit score. Your CIBIL may dramatically decline if you repeatedly skip EMI payments. This can jeopardize your ability to apply for loans in the future.
  • A two-wheeler loan is a secured loan meaning your vehicle is the collateral for the lender. Thus, it can be confiscated if you fail to pay EMIs on time or at all.

Two-Wheeler Loan Lowest Interest Rate

Wheeler Loan Lowest Interest Rate

Suppose you believe the EMI on a short-term loan is larger than you expected. In that case, you can choose a lower interest rate, which will correspondingly reduce the EMI amount.

  • Remember that even a slight rise of 0.25 percent might significantly impact the number of your payments. Therefore, compare the lenders that provide the best and fixed interest rates. A two-wheeler loan typically has a length of one to three years, but in rare circumstances, it can extend up to five years.
  • Once you get the EMI amount based on the set of loan values, you should consider the processing fee and interest rates for the same loans. These are one-time charges that every applicant has to incur.
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